We have an over stock of the Wallace Classic Number 2 All Blackwood Bagpipe, and we would like to pass on the savings to you!

With Package Deal :

  • McCallum laminated hide & synthetic bag with zipper. OR
  • Bannatyne laminated hide & synthetic bag with zipper.
  • Moisture Sleeve or Bottle Trap
  • Selbie Drone Reeds
  • Extra Set of Tounges
  • Extra Blowstick Valve
  • Campbell Drone Regulators/ or Shepard (Set of three)
  • Korg TM-50 Tuner/Metronome.
  • Korg 200 pick-up Microphone.
  • Hearos Ear Filters. (Pair)
  • Wallace Delrin (plastic) Pipe Chanter with reed.
  • Reed Cap Protector for chanter.
  • Bag Covers – Velveteen or Twill.
  • Silk Cords & Tassels.
  • Soft Chanter Brush.
  • Drone Brush.
  • Rubber Stoppers for stocks and drone tops.
  • One roll of waxed yellow hemp
  • Third Hand – for easy one handed tuning.
  • FREE! Hard Case with double locks with key. Or
  • FREE! Piper’s Backpack Soft Case with shoulder straps.

ALL FOR $1400 plus shipping and handling

Best Kilt Prices – Anywhere.

Our kilts are hand made in Scotland by kilt makers with over 50 years of kilt making experience. Our kilts will last for years, no matter the number of times you wear them. Ask anyone who has purchased one of our kilts – the production value is off-the-charts.

  • With every kilt purchase, receive a FREE vest!
    (Choice of 7 colors – Burgundy, Navy, Black, Brown, Red, Hunter Green, and Heather Gray.)
  • 16 oz. – 8 yards
  • 100% Wool Worsted – Teflon Coated
  • 3 Buckles – Fringe
  • Belt Loops – Rubber-grip Waist Band
  • Free Tartan Flashes
  • Only $360.00!
  • (Plus S&H)
  • Read more on our site


United States Flag for pipe drones

Show your patriotic pride by tying the US flag to your bass drone. $8 + s/h

Use our Contact Form or call Sandy direct to make sure that we understand the critical timing before your competitions are days or hours away. We want you to look as good as you sound!

Phone: (201) 385-8991

Wallace Bagpipe Overstock Sale