Tartan is the worlds most recognizable fabric and the kilt is the most formal garment you will ever wear. Our kilts are hand made in Scotland by kilt makers with over 50 years of kilt making experience. Our kilts will last for years, no matter the number of times you wear them. Ask anyone who has purchased one of our kilts – the production value is off-the-charts.

  • 16 oz. – 8 yards
  • 100% Wool Worsted – Teflon Coated
  • 3 Buckles – Fringe
  • Belt Loops – Rubber-grip Waist Band
  • Only $360.00!
  • (Plus S&H)
  • With every kilt purchase, receive a FREE vest!
    (Choice of 5 colors – Black, Navy, Wine, Grey, Hunter Green.)

Compare prices with our competitors

The British Shop – $480 Highland Heritage – $650
J. Higgins, Ltd – $525 Kilt & Thistle – $645
Pipeline – $550 Cuillinn Craft – $795
Geoffrey Tailor – $850 Blanford & Sons – $525
Hector Russell – $500 Scotland Forever – $485
O’Kane Outfitters – $450 Kinloch Anderson – $775
Burnett’s & Struth – $756 Robert MacDonald – $750

Standard Tartans
Tartans not found in this list or indicated with an asterisk below are available with a nominal surcharge.

Anderson JR285T
Anderson Ancient JR353T
Anderson Muted JR429T
Auld LangSyne Brown JR398T **
Auld Lang Syne Burns JR299T **
American National JR537T *
Arch Chapter Royal * JR467 *
Baird Modern JR024T
Black JR034T
Black Carmel JR333T
Black Isle JR060T
Black Watch Modern JR001T
Black Watch DA Modern JR120T
Braveheart JR103T **
Brodie Modern Hunting JR396T
Buchanan Ancient Non Sym JR260
Buchanan Hunting Non Sym JR430T
BlackScottish National JR662T *
Buchanan Autumn JR659 *
Caledonia Ancient JR066T
Caledonia Modern JR240T
Cameron Erracht Ancient JR431T
Cameron Erracht Modern JR046T
Cameron Erracht Muted JR278T
Campbell Ancient JR023T
Campbell Argyll Ancient JR048T Non Sym
Campbell Argyll Modern JR045T Non Sym
Campbell Cawdor Modern JR432T
Campbell Louden JR241T
Carmichael Modern JR099T
Chisholm Ancient Hunting JR026T
Colquhoun JR378T
Cornish Hunting JR140T **
Cornish National JR170T **
Cunningham JR242T
Cunningham Modern JR151T
Campbell Loudon JR128T
Casey JR554T
Clans Caledonia JR286T
Davidson JR286T
Davidson Ancient JR360T
Davidson Muted JR433T
Douglas Ancient JR191T
Douglas Grey JR 153T
Douglas Modern JR 022T
Douglas Da Modern JR 114T
Eternity JR 575T
Earl St Andrew JR 192T
Erskine Red JR 258 16.1 cm x 17.2 cm
Family Clan JR 129T **
Farquharson Ancient JR 284T
Ferguson Modern JR 434T
Fraser Ancient Hunting JR 050T 21.8 cm x 20.2 cm
Fraser Modern Red JR 116T
Fraser Lovat JR 287T
Fraser Lovat Muted JR 435T
Family Modern JR 101T *
German American JR 352T **
Gordon Ancient JR 348T
Gordon Modern JR 021T
Gordon Modern Dress JR 020T
Graham Menteith Ancient JR 346T
Graham Menteith Modern JR 172T
Graham Menteith Red JR 152T
Grampian JR 090T
Granite Silver JR 252T **
Granite City JR 219T **
Grant Ancient Hunting JR 436T
Grant Modern Red JR 251T
Great Scot JR 083T
Gunn Ancient JR 111T
Gunn Modern JR 010T
Gunn Da Modern JR 126T
Galbraith Modern JR 649
German Heritage JR 451T *
Graham Montrose Modern JR 651T
Grand Scot JR 583T
Gregor Clan JR 089T
Grey Mix JR 464T
Hamilton Ancient Hunting JR 188T
Henderson Ancient JR 145T
Henderson Modern JR 437T
Henderson Muted JR 438T
Highland Mist JR 002T **
Holyrood JR 168T
Hume Modern JR 193T
Isle of Skye JR 014T **
Johnston Ancient JR 650T
Johnston Modern JR 602T
Kerr Modern JR 181T
Lamont Ancient JR 025T
Lamont Modern JR 139T
Lennox Modern JR 143T
Leslie Modern Red JR 235T
Lindsay Modern JR 124T
Lochaber Weathered JR 262T
Lindsay JR 629T
Logan Modern JR 652T
MacArthur Moden JR 131T
MacCallum JR 358T
MacDonald Modern JR 047T
MacDonald Clanranald Ancient JR 155T
MacDonald Clanranald Modern JR 439T
MacDonald Clanranald Muted JR 202T
MacDonald Clanranald Muted JR 213T
MacDonald Isles Ancient JR 051T
MacDonald Isles Modern JR 005T
MacDougal Ancient JR 105T
MacDuff Modern Red JR 323T
MacFarlane JR 288T
MacGregor Modern Hunting JR 061T
MacInnes Modern Hunting JR 044T
MacKay Ancient JR 003T
MacKay Ancient Blue JR 147T
MacKay Modern JR 018T
MacDonald Clan Ancient JR 661T
MacDonell Glengarry JR 506T
MacKenzie Weather JR 623T
MacMillian Hunting JR 853T
Manx JR 154T
Melville Ancient Hunting JR 186
Monarch Argyll JR 546T
MacKenzie Ancient JR 214T
MacKenzie Modern JR 030T
MacKenzie Da Modern JR 121T
MacKintosh JR 289T
MacLean Modern Hunting JR 247T
MacLean Duart Ancient Hunting JR 109T
MacLean Duart Modern JR 065T
MacLean Duart Weathered JR 132T
MacLennan Ancient JR 217T
MacLennan Weathered JR 246T
MacLeod Harris Ancient Hunting JR 040T
MacLeod Harris Modern Hunting JR 052T
MacLeod of Lewis JR 409T
MacMillian Modern Black JR 148T
MacNaughton Dress JR 408T
MacNeill of Barra Ancient JR 049T
MacPherson Ancient Red JR 133T
MacPherson Hunting JR 349T
MacPherson Hunting Dress JR 332T
MacPherson Modern JR 212T
MacRae Ancient Hunting JR 127T 15.2 cm x 16.3 cm
MacRae Modern Hunting JR 130T
Manx Hunting JR 196T
Maxwell Modern JR 135T
MacCarty JR 406T
Murray Atoll Ancient JR 004T
Murray Atoll Modern JR 017T
O’Reily JR 405T
Prince Wales JR 405T
Ramsey Blue JR 081T
Robertson Ancient Hunting JR 056T
Robertson Hunting JR 440T
Robertson Modern Hunting JR 032T
Robertson Red JR 036T
Robertson Da Ancient Hunting JR 123T
Ross Modern Red JR 106T
Scotland National JR 106T **
Scott JR 290T
Scott Hunting Muted JR 441T
Scott Weathered JR 342T
Scottish American JR 069T **
Scottish Heritage JR 161T
Shadow Grey JR 195T
Smith Ancient JR 027T
Smith Modern JR 562T
Spirit Scotland Modern JR 009T **
Stewart Ancient Hunting JR 442T
Stewart Grey JR 407T **
Stewart Modern Black JR 031T 17.5 cm x 15 cm
Stewart Modern Hunting JR 011T Non Sym 25.9 cm x 27 cm
Stewart Modern Royal JR 041T
Stewart Da Modern Royal JR 119T
Sutherland Modern JR 125T
Scottish Heather JR 606T
Spirit Alva JR 100T
Spirit Highland JR 043T
Stewart Highland JR 384T
Stewart Bute JR 053T
The Great Scot JR 656T
Thomson Grey JR 666T
Texas Bluebonnet JR 266T
Urquhart Modern JR 647T
Waterloo JR 543T
Wallace Modern Red JR 028T
Watson Ancient JR 118T